Accessibility at Rise

We are committed to making the experience at Rise Festival as inclusive as possible.

We advise getting in touch on before booking to discuss the level of access you require both at the festival and within the resort. This includes accommodations as currently not all have appropriate facilities. 

Prior to the event, it is possible to request a map that highlights key locations and facilities based on your needs. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further advice on the festival, resort and pistes. 

PA Tickets

A free ticket can be issued for a PA to anyone with a disability who purchases a ticket. We just require some evidence (such as below) once the ticket is bought and then we will add the complimentary ticket on. 

  1. CMI (carte mobilité inclusion) French citizens 
  2. DID (National Disabled IDentification Card) UK citizens 
  3. EDC (European Disability Card) EU Citizens

*or the relevant identification for your local authority.

The free PA ticket does not include a lift pass, though this can be added on for a small cost should you wish to. 

Site Terrain

Les Deux Alps town is very flat but as it is a high altitude resort, snow does fall within the village itself. You can find the Tourist Offices information on the town here: 

Skiing in Les Deux Alps

The main lift in the resort (Jandri lift) is accessible, which connects to most of the main pistes. You can find more information here:

Disabled Toilets

Rise Festival stages have disabled toilet facilities. Though not all the bars and restaurants in the resort do.