12th-19th dec 2020

Rise Festival 14th - 21st Dec 2019

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Husky Safari

Wander through a hidden forest and explore your snowy paradise lead by the most playful alpine huskies. Think Narnia, think game of thrones, think all things magic and insanely gram-worthy as you experience the Alps by foot, all the while taking in the incredible mountain views with your friendly canine companion by your side. Remember they're man's best friend for good reason! Your host will guide you to your meeting point which is a short lift ride from the centre of town. Not only will you get your husky fix, the adventure also includes a mid-walk warm up with a well deserved hearty hot chocolate served in your very own private tipi. The husky safari is the perfect opportunity to experience something new and nail those FOMO shots for the gram.


Spread your wings and see the French Alps scenery from a magnificent, airborne perspective in a once-in-a-lifetime paragliding adventure. Your adventure host will capture your leap into a sky-high winter wonderland on our Rise Cam and when you’ve come back down to earth, you'll join your fellow flyers for drinks together. The ultimate thrill seekers high.

Glacier Yoga

Start your morning in a state of zen with a mountaintop yoga class. All ability levels are welcome to this high-altitude yoga experience—3600m altitude to be exact—held overlooking a mind-blowing vista. Following your class, you can chat with your fellow early risers and take in the glacial views over a cup of hot chocolate.

Alpine Helicopter Ride

Always wanted to be James Bond? Looking for the most FOMO-inducing Insta story ever? The Rise helicopter adventure is the ultimate VIP treat, and will show you Les 2 Alpes and the surrounding Oisan valley in a way you can only dream. You'll have your own Rise Adventure host and private videographer, and there will be bubbles and treats waiting for you. This really is #livingyourbestlife!


A high-octane adventure through the slopes on your very own snowmobile: this is all about revving your engines and speeding through the mountain tracks under the beautiful mountain star-scape! Ignite new friendships and share a special experience, zooming together through the darkness under the glow of the Alpine stars. Celebrate with some hot mulled wine.